Our school fees per family cost approximately $40 a week, and we offer fee relief to eligible families. 

Formal school tours for 2018 have now concluded, so please contact the office to book a tour and for all inquiries. phone 9383 3600

We have limited vacancies in some year levels this year.

St. Fidelis’ Catholic School welcomes all families who wish to have a Catholic Education for their children. Our school supports the enrolment policy statement of the Archdiocese of Melbourne, which states that:

“Catholic education is based on an educational philosophy in which faith, culture and life are brought into harmony… Of its nature, the Catholic school guides women and men to achieve human and Christian perfection and helps them to mature in their faith. Thus the Catholic school is not simply an alternative to a Government school. It is different because it is Catholic: it must offer the authentic Catholic vision. A Catholic school cannot relinquish its own freedom to proclaim the Gospel and to offer a formation based on the values to be found in a Christian education. This is its right and its duty.”

In accepting enrolment of their child at St. Fidelis’ Catholic Primary School, all parents/ guardians agree to the expectations and ethos of the Parish Primary School. The Catholic School System was set up to assist parents in the Religious Education of their children; to work together in faith to build a sense of community and belonging that creates and maintains an environment conducive to the development of the whole person (spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual, psychological and social).

To qualify for prep enrolment, children must turn 5 years of age by April 30 in the year they enter school.

  • Enrolments at the St. Fidelis’ Catholic Primary School will normally be accepted according to the following policy:
  • Baptised Catholic children residing in the Parish, with priority being given to children whose parents are active members of the parish.
  • Unless exceptional circumstances exist, the school will offer places to brothers and sisters of children currently enrolled in the school.
  • Baptised children resident in other parishes. Consultations with the Parish Priest and/or Principal of the school of the Parish where the child resides may occur.
  • The Parish Priest, in consultation with the Principal, reserves the right to alter and accept applications in accordance with this policy, considering the guidelines of the Catholic Education Office and local and pastoral considerations.
  • Birth and Baptism Certificates and a Certificate of Immunisation must be presented before an enrolment can proceed.
  • Prep enrolments open each year during Catholic Education Week, which is around March 17.
School tours and information sessions are advertised in the local media, at local kinders and in the school newsletter. Please contact the office for all inquiries.