We welcome all members of our community and encourage their participation in the celebration of our Catholic Faith.

We are committed to providing a rich Catholic environment in which we encourage and support our students in the development of their Catholic Faith. Our Religious Education Program endeavors to deepen the students’ knowledge and understanding of our Catholic traditions and enhance their relationships with God and others. The text, ‘To know, Worship and Love’, is used at all year levels to support and encourage the development of these relationships. Our curriculum provides opportunities for students to develop an understanding and empathy towards the needs of others and encourages them to develop a sense of social justice.

Through our interactions based on the Gospel values, we work in partnership with parents to provide a quality Catholic education for their children.   To further foster working relationships between parents and the school community, year levels are invited to participate at weekend masses throughout the year. On a rotational basis, classes also attend regular Thursday morning mass as well as whole school masses to celebrate important feast days and events in the Church calendar.

Preparing for and celebrating the Sacraments of Reconciliation (Year 2), Eucharist (Year 3) and Confirmation (Year 6) is an integral part of our curriculum and parents and students are invited to Family Faith nights in preparation for these Sacraments.


St Fidelis Parish

49 Clarendon Street,
Moreland, Vic 3058
Ph: 9386 1224
Facsimile: 9386 2649

Parish Priest:   Rev David Cartwright

Assistant Priest: Rev Michael Kong

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 St. Fidelis’ School Prayer

Dear Lord,
Please help us to make St. Fidelis’ a friendly place
where everyone will feel 
that because we love and care about you,
we love and care about them as well.
Help us to smile back when people smile at us,
to give help when people need it and most of all,
help us to accept each other as we are.