At St. Fidelis’, we aim to provide an engaging and inclusive curriculum that reflects our vision. Our goal is to prepare learners to be collaborative problem solvers who strive to contribute to the common good in today's world. Our priority is in providing an environment that is safe and challenging. An environment which develops children intellectually, physically, socially and spiritually, empowering them to be active in leading their own learning.

Our curriculum is designed to foster wonder and curiosity in coming to understand the world around us, through a process of Inquiry. The inquiry approach adopted at St Fidelis` leads students to ask questions about personal interests and class led investigations that encourage deep thinking and learning. The students are supported to embrace technology as a way to enhance learning. We provide learning experiences which enable students to take responsibility for themselves and to make a commitment to authentic action.

Through the implementation of the Victorian Curriculum, students are encouraged to transfer inquiry skills to all curriculum areas. Students are engaged in daily Literacy, Numeracy and Religious Education lessons. Specialists provide skill building in the areas of Physical Education, Music, Italian and Art.


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