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At St Fidelis, we provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge of Reading, Writing and Oral Language to enable them to fully participate in their world. The English Curriculum is based on the Victorian Curriculum Foundation-Year Ten and is organised into three strands, Reading and Viewing, Writing and Speaking and Listening.

In line with this aim we:

  • Collaboratively plan and implement a structured and comprehensive literacy program F-6 with explicit teaching of knowledge and skills in Reading, Writing and Oral Language
  • Integrate literacy where possible in our inquiry units to ensure our experiences are real, hands on and challenging for our students
  • Provide literacy support to classroom teachers and students to improve teaching and learning
  • Use ongoing assessment and tracking of students to inform and plan for individual student needs
  • Provide explicit, focused teaching which builds on student’s strengths and targets the developmental needs of individual students
  • Encourage the transference of literacy skills into all curriculum areas.
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