Meet our Staff

Our Leadership Team

Manuela Watson, Sally Lentini, Annette Gasbarro and Vira Pirrotta (Deputy Principal).

St Fidelis Leadership Team

Admin Staff

Ann Russo and Jane Prestia.

St Fidelis Admin Staff

Learning Support Officers

Elena Kiriazis, Isabella Frazetto, Angelina Naso, Max Williams and Leonie O’Brien.

St Fidelis Learning Support Officers

Foundation Teachers

Alexandra Phillips, Stefanie Carriera, Alycia Marsico and Leanne Wenckowski.

St Fidelis Foundation-1-2 Staff

3-4 Teachers

Belinda Panzarino, Katarina Davidson and Graham Troy.

St Fidelis 3-4 Staff

5-6 Teachers

Annette Gasbarro, Olivia Sargent, Michelle Casamento and Viviana Clarke.

St Fidelis 5-6 Staff

Specialist Teachers

Joe Frazzetto, Rosa Fokianos and Michael Jennings.

St Fidelis Specialist Teachers
Students in playground at St Fidelis Coburg Primary School

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