Speech Pathology

We are proudly working with the team at Speech Pathology for Schools (SPS) to extend the oral language and literacy skills of all our students. The program is integrated into our school curriculum to provide specialist support throughout the year. To find out more, just ask your child’s teacher, or visit www.speech.edu.au

Speech Pathology

St. Fidelis is partnering with Speech Pathology for Schools (SPS) for two days of service per week. Speech Pathology for Schools provides holistic school based speech pathology support. We work collaboratively with school staff to improve student outcomes. School data along with speech pathology data is used to target support and monitor student progress. If you have any queries regarding speech pathology services at St Fidelis, please contact us.

St Fidelis is focusing SPS services literacy based assessment and intervention services for the Foundation to Year 3  students. The speech pathologist will work collaboratively with the school leadership team, teachers and Educational Support Officers  (ESO)  to help meet the needs of students experiencing literacy difficulties. St Fidelis welcomes SPS as a valued addition to the school community and Allied Health Services provided by Melbourne Archdiocese of Catholic Schools (MACS).

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