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At St Fidelis’ we always try to keep parents well informed about what is happening at our school.

Skoolbag is an app which can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet which enables parents to access up-to-date school information directly on your phone.

It is specifically tailored to events happening at St Fidelis’ Catholic Primary School. Calendar, newsletters, notices, events and alerts are all available right there in your hands.

You can see how the app works above, and you can also click to download the app for both iOS and Android devices. We encourage all parents to download this app. After downloading the Skoolbag App, make sure you leave notifications on in your settings.



All students must wear the correct school uniform at all times. The school has both a summer and winter uniform. As a general guide, we ask that the summer uniform be worn during Terms 1 & 4. The winter uniform should be worn during Terms 2 & 3.There is an optional bomber jacket available. It does not replace the school jumper. As with all coats, it is not to be worn in class in terms 2 and 3.

Where to Purchase the Uniform

The St. Fidelis’ Catholic Primary School uniform is able to be purchased from our supplier:

Primary School Wear (PSW)
2/283 Rex Road, Campbellfield, Tel 9303 7845

Order forms and further information is available from the school office.