Reading with your Child and Reading to your Child

Welcome to the first SPS “speech box’ for the year. Each speech box will cover a different topic and provide information and suggestions for things you can do at home to support your child with their learning. If you would like further information contact the SPS speech pathologist at the school.

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In the early years of schooling your child will be bringing books home.  The reading practice they get by reading school books every night is invaluable to reading progress.  When reading the books with your child, also take the time to talk about the book.  Discuss the cover, talk about the pictures and predict with your child what might happen next.

Along with reading with your child, it is also good practice to read to your child.  Bedtime stories where a book or part of a book is read each night is a way to encourage children to engage with books and build vocabulary and language skills.  Talking about the stories also develops meaningful interactions between parent and child.

Studies have shown that the types of interactions between parent and child can result in a more than 30 million words gap between children by the time they are three years old.

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St Fidelis is partnering with SPS for one day of service per week. Speech Pathology for Schools provides holistic school based speech pathology support. We work collaboratively with school staff to improve student outcomes. School data along with speech pathology data is used to target support and monitor student progress. If you have any queries regarding speech pathology services at St Fidelis, please contact Manuela Watson.

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