We have good news! In Term 2 and 3 students from year 5/6 and 3/4 have been designing and constructing using LEGO Spike and WeDo2.0 to create a prosthetic hand for someone. This someone is Mark MacGregor’s Nephew Zac. The following students have been selected for their great design to make a difference to Zac’s life. We are currently getting feedback from Zac too on how they could improve their design. The following students should be congratulated…

Mr Joe Frazzetto

  • Lachlan R & Sanjay – S.A.M. The Prosthetic Hand (5/6VC)
  • Siearra p & Luca S -The Handontor (5/6CF)
  • Isaac P & Harry P – The Armstrong (5/6OS)
  • Catherine & Hunter – Zacgrabber (3/4GT)

Then there are the following students during ‘Remote Learning’ they designed and created an invention to make others Feel Positive and how to Stay Positive. They did an amazing job and I had to enter their idea to STEM Mad! Guess What? They were selected as finalists for their great idea!!! I would like to congratulate the following students…

  • Ava B – Positive Thoughts Box (FAM)
  • Francesco & Emily – The Positive Vending Machine (3/4)
  • Ava Brazel – The Positive Box (5/6OS)

Congratulations! The above students’ ideas and prototypes have been chosen to the finals by the Curators/Judges from STEM MAD. This is a great achievement by each one of them particularly considering we are in Lockdown and doing Remote Learning. Well done and they should be proud!

This year STEM MAD live is going nationwide. This means Catholic Schools from all around Australia have entered their ideas to make a difference.

To make it this far is AMAZING!

Students will now have to produce a 3minute video showcasing their prototype how it works? How does it make a difference in someone’s life? And what was their design process to get their prototype to work? The Finalists will be announced on the Thursday 14th of October 2021 where the students will participate in the STEM MAD Showcase Live!

We wish our students all the best and congratulations on getting this far.

Here are the student’s 90 second video pitch:

S.A.M. The Prosthetic Hand by Lachlan R & Sanjay (5/6VC)


The Handontor by Siearra p & Luca S (5/6CF)


Armstrong- The Prosthetic Hand by Isaac P & Harry P (5/6OS)


The Zacgrabber by Catherine & Hunter (3/4GT)


The Positive Vending Machine by Francesco & Emily (3/4)


The Positive Box by Ava B (5/6OS)


The Positive Thoughts Box by Ava B (FAM)